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So today shares of GTAT dropped 90%+ after filing chapter 11.I bought in after the drop.

The shares then went up .25 cents after a few mins and I was up $15,000. I went on my sharebuilder app and tried to sell and a thing popped up that said they did not recognize the ticker. Tried it on the webpage and still couldn't sell. Called them right away and they didn't know why I couldn't sell.

Was going to do a phone trade but it dropped and I was now down 30,000$. Said they would lower the 19.99$ phone trade fee down to 9.99. How nice of them!!! Talked to them 5 more times and they didn't know why it wouldn't work and said later I could sell over the phone only.

Then an hour later I was then able to buy and sell GTAT. The stock was halted at market open for a while, then I bought it, it wouldn't let me sell when I was up, then still wouldn't let me do anything and no one could tell me why. Now down 40,000$ just going to hang on and see what happens.

Sharebuilder sucks.Going to td if I don't loose my life savings because of them.

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Ashland, Wisconsin, United States #880834

Note: shares of GTAT hit the circuit breaker which paused trading many times when it starting trading again.I was not able to place a sell order while trading was paused OR when shares were actively trading.

Sharebuilder claims it is a good platform for day trading but this is false. It is not my first problem with this platform.

Do not use sharebuilder.Take my word for it.

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